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Anonymity Set


This pattern aggregates multiple entities into a set, such that they cannot be distinguished anymore.


This pattern is applicable in a messaging scenario, where an attacker can track routing information. Another possible scenario would be the storage of personal information in a database.


In a system with different users we have the problem that we can often distinguish between them. This enables location tracking, analyzing the behaviour of the users or other privacy-infringing practices.


There are multiple ways to apply this pattern. One possibility is, to strip away any distinguishing features from the entities. If we do not have enough entities, such that the anonymity set would be too small, then we could even insert fake identities.

The goal of this pattern is to aggregate different entities into a set, such that distinguishing between them becomes infeasible.


One factor to keep in mind is that this pattern is useless if there are not many entities, such that the set of probable suspects is too small. What "too small" means depends on the exact scenario. Another factor is a possible loss of functionality.


Assuming that there are two companies, one is a treatment clinic for cancer and the other one a laboratory for research. The Clinic releases its Protected Health Information (PHI) about cancer victims to the laboratory. The PHI's consists of the patients' name, birth date, sex, zip code and diagnostics record. The clinic releases the datasets without the name of the patients, to protect their privacy. A malicious worker at the laboratory for research wants to make use of this information and recovers the names of the patients. The worker goes to the city council of a certain area to get a voter list from them. The two lists are matched for age, sex and location. The worker finds the name and address information from the voter registration data and the health information from the patient health data.

[Known Uses]

Anonymity sets are in use in various routing obfuscation mechanisms like Onion Routing. Hordes is a multicast-based protocol that makes use of multicast routing like point-to-multipoint delivery, so that anonymity is provided. Mix Zone is a location-aware application that anonymizes user identity by limiting the positions where users can be located.